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Eshel Design Studio was established in 1990 by Nurit Eshel,a graduate of the prestigious

Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan and an expert in business space design and production.

The Studio has created a wide range of unique and innovative business spaces as part of projects carried out in Israel and worldwide. We have planned, designed, modeled, and constructed a variety of shops, showrooms, exhibitions, concept rooms, temporary and mobile exhibits, and other custom spaces to meet the needs of our assorted clients.

We are entirely committed to maintaining the highest quality in each project, regardless of size or budget.

Our turnkey solutions provide clients with a complete suite of services under one roof, including concept, design, production, construction, and management. The experienced professional designers on our team enjoy the support services of production personnel, supervisors, coordinators, and a large staff of manufacturing and construction professionals. The entire studio upholds the most stringent international standards.


Nurit Eshel

We givE our clients the opportunity to transform their vision into a live space.

​Total Design          Production          Construction          ​in ONE.

ESHEL All Rights Reserved.                               


 CALL   +972-54-4811718​​


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